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Whale Watching

Kodiak Island is one of Alaska's best whale watching destinations. Several types of whales frequent Kodiak waters. Killer whales, Gray whales, Humpbacks, Finback's, and Minke all migrate through here and they can put on a spectacular show.

Humpback feeding off shore from A Captain's QuartersFor an up close and personal experience, take a sight seeing or fishing charter. The mammoth creatures often pop up right next to the boat. For a special treat, take a trip with Galley Gourmet. They offers whale watching combined with fine dining on their brunch and dinner cruises.

From A Captain's Quarters:

Several species of whales and other marine mammals including;Sea Lions, Seals, Porpoises, and Sea Otters are seen in Mill Bay, right in front of A Captain's Quarters. Just a short walk out Spruce Cape is another excellent whale viewing location. This easy 1/4 mile trail starts at your door step and runs along the shore. The moss covered spruce forest and wild flower meadows along the way are an added treat.

Kodiak Fisheries Research Center and Kodiak Wildlife refuge web sites provide excellent information about whales in the Kodiak area. Plan to visit both facilities while your here.