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Kayaking in Mill BayA Great way to see marine life and some of Kodiak's coast line is to take a kayak tour. Guided tours are provided by at least three operators who provide single or double seat kayaks with all the accessories and training needed. This is fun for both beginner and seasoned kayakers.


SCUBA Diving:

Kodiak Island has some of the best diving in Alaska. The marine life is prolific and the waters can be very clear, especially in the winter. Shore dives along the road system are abundant, but generally can require some long surface swims. A small boat or raft can greatly increase the diving opportunities and be much easier. Some charter operators will cater to divers. For the serious divers, consider bringing your own boat or inflatable.

Diving and snorkeling in Mill Bay is easy and full of rocky estuaries. The reefs at Fort Abercrombie are terrific. There's always a good chance you will be visited by Steller Sea Lions, a special treat.

At A Captain's Quarters we have a full service dive shop on location known as Pacific Diving Services. Your host Lon White is a PADI instructor and veteran commercial diver in Alaska. He can provide all the air, tanks, weights and information you need to dive in Kodiak.


Surfing in Kodiak is a well kept secret, but we have some good surfSurfing Fossil Beach beaches. Surf can be found on most days at Fossil beach, about a one hour drive from town. A local favorite is Spruce Cape, just out from A Captain's Quarters.

Water temperature ranges between 45 and 55 degrees in the summer. A wet suit or dry suit is a must.