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Sport Fishing

Fishing Kodiak's Road System:

The road system streams and lakes provide great fishing forPortage River Silvers salmon, Dolly Varden, rainbow trout and steelhead. Major waterways include the following streams: Buskin, Pasagshak, Olds and American Rivers, Roslyn, Salonie, Monashka, Pillar and Chiniak Creeks. The Saltry and Portage Rivers are accessible by ATV. Several road system beaches offer excellent salt water fishing opportunities, including the beach at A Captain's Quarters.

The road system streams are easy to fish with no raging currents or long casts. The rivers are often very clear, generally with riffles alternating with deep pools and gravelly banks. Some streams have abrupt and brushy banks.

Hip boots or neoprene chest waders with felted soles are desirable. Most road system streams are shallow and generally unsuitable for Humpy Salmon Fishing, Chiniak Creekrafts or other personal watercraft, which aren't needed anyway. However, a number of road-accessible lakes, such as Buskin, Kalsin Pond and Lake Rose Tead, which borders the Pasagshak State Recreation Area, are well suited for small rafts and float tubes.

Fishing regulations on the road system differ slightly from Kodiak's remote areas, so check the regulations before fishing. For current regulations, the Alaska Department of Fish & Game web site can be found on our links page.

Salt Water Fishing:

Charter vessel services are available in Kodiak to visitors interested in salt water fishing for all species of salmon, halibut, lingcod and rock fish. Halibut are Halibut fishingabundant around Kodiak, and sport fishing is excellent from late April through the end of September .Most of the halibut caught are in the 40 pound range, but fish over 150 pounds are not uncommon. Several fish over 300 pounds are caught each year. Frequently halibut are caught from shore, especially in late July and august. The beach at
A Captain's Quarters
produces many halibut annually.

Most charter vessels deliver your catch to Island Seafoods (a local fish processor) for custom processing and packaging. They fillet, vacuum pack, freeze and store your catch until your departure date, or they can ship it direct to your home. Processing fees are about a $1.10 per pound based on delivered weight..

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Fishing Remote Kodiak:

The remote areas of Kodiak, which includes the remainder of Afognak Riverthe island outside the road system, provides excellent opportunities for all five species of Pacific salmon as well as Dolly Varden and steelhead trout. Most visitors are looking for chinook, silver, and red salmon as well as steelhead trout. The remote areas are served almost exclusively by small aircraft. Air travel should be arranged in advance with one of the local air charter or guide services.

NOTE: Fishing remote rivers on Kodiak is an incredible experience, but careful planning is a must! Always have contingencies for being stranded due to weather. Bears frequent remote rivers and no shelter or amenities are available. Remote Ayakulik River Rainbowsareas can be very unforgiving for the unprepared. Using a local guide service is recommended unless you are experienced in remote areas.

Fish Responsibly:

Always adhere to the fishing regulations applicable for the area. Keep only what you can reasonably use. It's easy to overdo it when the fishing is good. Release fish properly so they are not harmed. Release giant halibut whenever possible, they are critical breeder fish and aren't the best to eat anyway. The 30- 70 pound halibut are the best!

NOTE: A Captain's Quarters guests are welcome to ship bulky fishing gear or other equipment to us in advance of traveling to Kodiak. We will gladly store it until you arrive. Please contact us to make arrangements.

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