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Bear Viewing

Kodiak Brown Bears:

Kodiak is best known for it's giant Kodiak bears. The Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge was established to protect this unique population. Over 3,500 bears live in the archipelago, with many additional brown Kodaik Bear swiming near A Captain's Quartersbears inhabiting the Katmai Coast. The dense population of bears on Kodiak Island provides excellent bear viewing opertunities. In the past it was fairly uncommon to see bears on the road system, but with the increasing bear population, sightings are becoming more frequent. The Kodiak bear above was seen swiming about one mile off shore from A Captain's Quarters while we were halibut fishing.

There are many guided opportunities to see bears in the Kodiak Island Archipelago. Most local air taxis offer half-day bear viewing charters. This is sure to be an experience you will never forget, so seriously consider budgeting for a bear viewing trip. Links to our favorite bear viewing charters are on our links page.

Common Sense in Bear Country:

More Kodiak bear information can be found on the Alaska Department of Fish & Game web site.


Bear cubs
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