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There are many exciting things to do while in Kodiak, most of which can be enjoyed right outside your door at A Captain's Quarters. Chances are you'll what to explore further and we can help you find that "once in a lifetime" experience. We have several activities pages dedicated to hooking you up with some of the most popular things to do.

Main Attractions:

Kodiak is called "The Emerald Isle" for its incredible green landscape and spectacular scenery,but it's famous for its huge Kodiak bears, world-class sport fishing, and whale watching.

Kodiak is also home to one of the largest commercial fishing ports in the nation. Many of the fishing vessels on the TV series "Deadliest Catch" home port in Kodiak. In fact, your host Lon White filmed underwater footage for episode 10. Chances are you'll bump into some of the skippers or crew while walking the docks.

Between adventures, you'll want to take time to check out some of the local places of interest in town. Renting a car is a must, especially if you want to explore the many sights and activities along the road system. See our sight seeing page for a list of interesting places.

If kayaking, SCUBA diving or surfing interest you, check out our water sports page. A well kept secret is our golf course, appropriately named Bear Valley.

Last but not least, get information about shopping and dining in Kodiak from our shopping and dining pages.

Call toll free or e-mail us for more information about things to do in Kodiak. We want your visit to be the best!